Dijual Bugera TriRec Infinium 100-watt 3-channel Tube Head + Cabinet 4×12

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Bugera TriRec Infinium Guitar Head at a Glance:
A ton of true tube tone
Infinium technology takes the hassle and expense out of tube tone
A ton of true tube tone

Don’t let yourself get boxed in with one sound when you can have your pick of tones. With five 12AX7s, four 6L6s, a duo of tube rectifiers, and a silicone diode rectifier, you can dial in anything from warm crunch to face-searing metal tones and everything in between. Plus, you can get the all-important power amp “sag” that makes playing through a tube amp so expressive, thanks to Varipower technology. This lets you get maximum voltage through your tubes, even at bedroom- or apartment-friendly volumes.

Infinium technology takes the hassle and expense out of tube tone
Sweetwater guitarists agree, there’s no tone like tube tone. But we also know that the cost involved in owning and maintaining a tube guitar amplifier can be prohibitive. Solid state amps have come a long way, but even the best amp model can’t beat true tube tone, and Bugera’s Infinium technology means no more compromising what you want. The Infinium circuit is designed to optimize the performance of your output tubes and distribute the load evenly between the tubes, giving you tonal integrity and reliability. By automatically adjusting current levels, aging tubes are compensated for and your tone retains that toasty, day one sound throughout its life. But tubes, by nature, do wear out and die – when you play an Infinium amp, you’ll never worry. This exclusive technology allows you to grab whatever replacement tube you have on hand and get back to playing, there’s no matching necessary. In fact, now you can mix and match tubes to create your very own signature sound without the hassle and expense of buying matched pairs. And because Infinium is a bit like having your own guitar amp tech with you on every gig, you get up to 20 times more life out of your tubes. When it is time to change one out, you’ll know exactly where to go thanks to the life monitoring LED readout that keeps you in the know about your amp’s health. Only Bugera makes the joy of owning and playing a tube amplifier this accessible and easy!

Bugera TriRec Infinium Guitar Head Features:
Three independent channels give you Classic, Vintage, and Modern tones
Five 12AX7s and four 6L6s for and incredible palette of tube tone
Varipower technology for true tube tone at any volume
Built-in reverb
Three unique rectifier modes for sonic options
Multi-impedance output connectors to accommodate virtually any cabinet


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